Limited Company

Setting up your own limited company means that you will be responsible for running your own business, and will be required to:

  • Operate a business bank account
  • Arrange insurances
  • Ensure tax and NI contributions are made
  • You may also become VAT registered

This is generally the best option for professionals who are intending to contract on a long-term basis and who are genuinely self-employed.

Umbrella Company

Many of our contractors choose to work through an Umbrella company rather than setting up their own Limited Company. There are a number of benefits available to you when working this way, including:

  • Tax and NI are deducted on your behalf
  • Some business related expenses can be recovered
  • Providing advice and support on legislation and other rules

We work closely with a number of Accountancy and Umbrella providers and operate a Preferred Supplier List (PSL) to ensure we protect our contractors. Our Payroll, welfare and contractor liaison departments review this list annually, and are selected using criteria such as:

  • Scope of services offered
  • Accreditations, Compliance and Legislation
  • Cost to our contractors, and financial stability
  • Our experience of working with them over the previous year