M-Tec’s Recruitment Process

Once M-Tec has received an initial enquiry from a Client it is essential that we fully understand the key competencies, skills and requirements of the position. The best way in our experience is to meet face-to-face to ensure that our consultants have a clear undestanding of the position and the clients expectations. On occassions when a face-to-face meeting is not possible our consultants will use a vacancy taking form that will enable them to validate the position over the telephone.

On obtaining a clear brief from our client and confirmation that the position has been signed off, M-Tec will issue standard terms and conditions by recorded delivery.

At this stage we would take our time to discuss the recruitment process with the client so that key deadlines for delivery and feedback has been agreed. Initial recruitment activities will then begin with our consultants validating any suitable candidates on our data base which will be supported by advertising on our own website and specialist job boards. All candidates that apply directly for any client related position will recieve a correspondence from M-Tec to confirm receipt of their details informing them of the next stage of the process.

All suitable candidates will then be screened via a face-to-face meeting where possible or by telephone to ensure their skills and competencies meet the clients requirements. Only those candidates who meet the requirements of the job specification will be submitted to the client for consideration.This process would generaly take 3 to 4 working days to ensure a quick and effective delivery of initial candidates. M-Tec would then await feedback from the client which would be expected within 5 working days. Once feedback has been received 1st stage interviews would be arranged with all candidates being fully prepared on location, company, job profile and format of the interview. After the interview M-Tec would have an indepth debrief from the candidates presenting feedback to the client. This process would be continued for all 1st interviews and subsequently for 2nd interviews with the sucessfull candidate being appointed for the position. At this point M-Tec would continue communications with the candidate over their first 3 months of employment to ensure a positive integration into the organisation.

This process is designed and developed to support clients and candidates alike and is focused on delivering results