M-TEC Achieve ISO 9001

M-TEC Group are proud to announce the award of ISO 9001:2008 certification. In our ever continuing strive to provide the highest quality service to our customers and our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement.

M-TEC Model Shop

The M-TEC bespoke Model Shop is now complete. Check out the slideshow to see the latest images.

Our purpose built Model-Shop facility will enable M-TEC to provide not only an improved service to our customers, but also our in-house development team. The intention of this addition is to broaden the scope of M-TEC Groups capabilities. The Model-Shop will enable us to provide a wide variety of products and services from; fully finished prototype models and show cars through to low volume runs and kits of part

M-TEC Partner with Aston Martin

M-TEC Group are proud to announce the recent award of a number of Development contracts with Aston Martin. The M-TEC Team will be developing a number of both ‘New’ and ‘Bolt-on’ products for Aston Martins existing model range. Watch this space for more updates.

M-TEC Executive receive outstanding accolade from internationally renowned executive assessment company

Shortly after the completion of a Leadership assignment with a M-TEC Blue-chip customer, M-TEC have been labelled with an outstanding accolade from an organisation that rigorously assesses hundreds of executives on a yearly basis:

”I just wanted to say, as will be obvious from my three reports on the candidates, what a great job M-TEC have done in finding high calibre individuals (and honestly, I really really don’t say that sort of thing very often about Search organisations- so it is all the more meaningful and heartfelt praise).”