Investors In People

Investors In PeopleSince it’s inception in 2001 and due to a continuous development philosophy embraced by the company, M-Tec realised that there was a need to further develop the organisation and staff to help support our clients and candidates in a more structured and professional manner. So in September 2002 M-Tec made a corporate decision to commit towards attaining Investors In People recognition to help develop our employees, the systems and processes that we used to help provide a more concise, quality focused service that would meet all expectations. Accreditation was achieved in April 2003.

During the development and growth of M-Tec it was realised that to achieve our long-term vision we had to build a solid foundation from within the company. It was for this reason that M-Tec embarked in 2002 on a corporate goal to gain recognition and accreditation from the Investors In People (IIP).

The Investors In People is a framework for all organisations to help develop their employees to support the Company in achieving it’s corporate targets and growth potential through continued development. Once the framework is in place, it can provide a solid foundation from which the organisation can build from, for the future through a process of continuous improvement and development, focusing on it’s employee’s who within any company form the essence of success or failure.

This was a major investment to the company which enabled all of the employees to develop personally to help M-Tec meet all of it’s corporate and organisational milestones. M-Tec believed that through the commitment and development of it’s staff we would achieve our desired result whilst promoting the vision for the future. This would in-turn improve the support and resource facility that we could offer to our candidates and clients embodying the professional image which we are recognised for.

It was from this image and through the IIP that a corporate statement was born.

“The standard to be achieved and long-term aim for the company is to have a vision for the future that is embraced by all employees. This will be communicated to the staff at all levels and in such a way that they all understand what is required of them individually and as a team for M-Tec to meet this vision”

The work began towards the end of 2002 when M-Tec as an organisation committed itself to achieving accreditation.

We first had to assess all internal systems, procedures, training policies and employee development plans that were currently being utilised. This continuous improvement processes was implemented with immediate effect and allowed every employee the opportunity to contribute during the development phase. Through this assessment and mentoring via the Business Link and IIP we established area’s for improvement and new operating methods that would benefit the company to become more efficient and effective within our service sectors.

After many months of continued analysis and improvements in February 2003 the Business Link and IIP recommended that we submit our application for assessment which was well before the expected date.

In March 2003 an assessor from the IIP was assigned to M-Tec who visited the company to analyse all systems and procedures in-line with the IIP Standards to achieve our corporate goals whilst realising our vision for the future. Once the assessment was completed he submitted his report to the governing body with his recommendation and their subsequent approval.

On the 11th April 2003 M-Tec were awarded the IIP accreditation and recognition for achieving the desired standard. This was down to the commitment and hard work of all the employees at M-Tec and has provided the company with a solid foundation to grow and develop.