Equal Opportunities

M-Tec is an equal opportunities employer and supports the principles and practices of Equal Opportunities in employment and opposes all forms of unlawful or unfair discrimination, this is reflected in our principles and methods that we have adopted for all of our internal recruitment procedures as well as our work ethics as a recruitment agency. We are fully committed to all of the principles and policies that represent the basis of equal opportunities in today’s society and shall adhere to such a policy at all times.

We believe that it is within the organisations best interest that all talents and skills available through out the community are considered when employment opportunities arise. M-Tec treats everyone equally irrespective of gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, colour, race, religion, ethnic or national origin, working hours or whether on a fixed term or permanent contract. We ensure that we do not discriminate in all areas of recruitment, promotion, dismissal and redundancy. Moreover, M-Tec reviews, on a continual basis, all processes and activities associated with the recruitment process to avoid unlawful or undesirable discrimination or harassment on those grounds.

M-Tec is committed to treating all part-time and full-time workers and job seekers fairly and will only consider them for employment, promotion, training and/or any other benefit based only on relevant merits, aptitude and ability. We will not discriminate when deciding which candidates are submitted for a specific job vacancy or assignment and will only advertise opportunities based on a fair selection process. It is with this in mind that each individual is assessed solely on their merits, abilities, skills and qualifications in accordance with the specific needs and requirements of the particular job/position.

As an organisation M-Tec are committed to working with like minded companies and have made it a corporate policy not to accept any instructions or specifications from clients, that indicate an element of discrimination or harassment will be brought upon an individual/s unless there are legitimate occupational requirements or some other legislative exceptions that have been formally detailed in writing.

Any complaints made by an individual with reference to our Equal Opportunities Policy will be dealt with seriously and without undue delay. If an employee/s of M-Tec if found in breach of the policy it will be treated as misconduct and where appropriate, disciplinary action will be taken. Individuals can be held personally liable for acts of discrimination/harassment that they commit, authorise, contribute to or condone.

The aforementioned is not contractual but forms the basis of M-Tec’s Equal Opportunities policy and commitment to ensure that all individuals are treated fairly and without prejudice.

This policy is continually reviewed with M-Tec reserving the right to amend, add or delete any of the policies as necessary to meet any change in requirements that are necessary either legislatively or to improve operating practices. (All changes will be within the framework of the law)